Instructions for Assessor and Verifier

Responsibilities of Assessors & Verifiers

Assessor will be responsible for:-

  • Attendance of Trainees.
  • Pre-assessment meeting
  • Conduct of Assessment.
  • Marking of Attitude.
  • Marking of Theory and Practical.
  • Prepare Award list.
  • Send all assessment material and attendance sheets to TTB Lahore.

Verifier will be responsible for:-

  • Pre-assessment meeting
  • Overall Monitoring & coordination for TTB.
  • Counter Sign the Attendance of Trainees.
General Instructions
  • Assessors/Verifiers must be reach the institute/CBA Centre at 8:00 AM positively, on the day of assessment.
  • In case of any problem in Integrated Assessment TTB may be contacted on 042-99230944

The complete Award list along with assessment material of integrated assessment must be reach to TTB Lahore within Two Days after conduct of assessment.